Uncreative Writing

In Summer 2013, experimental poet and leading figure in the conceptual writing movement Kenneth Goldsmith led nine participants in an Uncreative Writing Workshop at The Power Plant in conjunction with the exhibition Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art.

Responding to a new environment where long-cherished notions of creativity are under attack, eroded by file-sharing, media culture, widespread sampling, and digital replication, this workshop explored strategies of appropriation, replication, plagiarism, piracy, sampling, and plundering as compositional methods. Modernist notions of chance, procedure, repetition, and the aesthetics of boredom were discussed in relation to popular culture as usurping conventional notions of time, place, and identity as expressed linguistically. Along the way, participants considered the rich history of forgery, frauds, hoaxes, avatars, and impersonations spanning the arts, with a particular emphasis on how they employ language.

The Power Plant is pleased to publish a finished piece of Uncreative Writing from each workshop participant on Switch On, the gallery's online hub for original writing.

This workshop was co-presented with Authors at Harbourfront Centre and Humber School for Writers.