Current Issue

Issue 3

Spring 2010: Screen Space

April 01, 2010 12:00 AM

Inspired by the focus on artists’ film and video in our 2009–10 Winter and Spring exhibitions, issue 3 of Switch explores “Screen Space.” Contributors think through the ways that artists experiment with moving image technologies and highlight the social and interactive possibilities of the gallery as a screening environment.
Recent Snow: Projected Works by Michael Snow, our Winter 2009–10 solo show, anchors these concerns. Elizabeth Legge considers Snow’s breakthrough films like Wavelength (1967) and La Région centrale (1971) “which affect our experience of occupying space and passing time in unforeseen ways,” and Martha Langford links these early works to the fresh explorations of video, sound and space in Recent Snow. In addition, Lucy Reynolds discusses how Snow’s legacy plays out in the work of younger artists and also in relation to that of Peter Campus, another key figure within experimental media, specifically video. Taking things up to the minute, Jon Davies profiles the work of the young American artist Ryan Trecartin, whose videos express the conditions and anxieties of a generation raised by the Internet.


In This Issue


Michael Snow: Screen Writing

by Martha Langford


Structural Legacies: Lessons in How to Assimilate the ‘Seminal’

by Lucy Reynolds


Ryan Trecartin: Data Purge 

by Jon Davies


Nothing to Declare

by Helena Reckitt


Anton Vidokle

by Elaine Gaito




The Other Night Sky

by Amanda Happé


Michael Snow’s Films 1966–1971

by Elizabeth Legge



From the Archive:

Steve Reinke – The Hundred Videos

by Nelson Henricks