Christopher Eamon on Rearview Mirror

Come see Rearview Mirror and then hear guest curator Christopher Eamon discuss his thinking behind the exhibition, focusing on how Eastern Europe has been figured in the Western imagination. Eamon will address such themes and artistic strategies as stealing, appropriating or claiming space; referencing popular culture and the entertainment industry; investigating modernity and/or modernism; acting as pranksters or mythologists; and revisiting conceptualism by taking it to the street and other imagined publics.

For over a decade Eamon was curator of the renowned Pamela and Richard Kramlich Collection in San Francisco, guiding acquisitions and curating exhibitions such as Video Acts (2002–2003) and Beyond Cinema (2006). More recently, his exhibitions A Rictus Grin (2008) and Accidental Modernism (2008) combined historical and contemporary works in diverse media.