Forum 2006-2010

Artists, curators, critics, and others gather to discuss key ideas raised by current exhibitions.


19 June / Between Species with Karen Houle, Annie Dunning, Burton Lim, and Helena Reckitt


12 December / Making Do and Getting By with Tricia Middleton, Kerri Reid, Brendan Tang, Kara Uzelman, and Helena Reckitt
20 October / The Scripted Life with Dave Dyment, Jocelyn and Natalyn Tremblay, Jason St-Laurent, and Carl Wilson
13 August / The Other Night Sky with Trevor Paglen, Ted Molczan and Blake Fitzpatrick
14 June / The Lawful Universe? with Sean Gryb, Lee Smolin, Katie Paterson, and Misha Glouberman
27 April / The Work Need Not Be Built with Dave Dyment, Micah Lexier, Fedora Romita, Wystan Curnow, and Michael Klein
19 January / Why Look at Animals? with Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby, Matthew Brower, Bill Burns, and Jon Davies


20 September / General Harmony Will Reign Supreme: Art, Collective Learning and Social Practice with Harrell Fletcher, Julia Bryan-Wilson and all of the participants in the exhibition Born Out of Pleasure
1 March / Moore, Mussels & Modernism with Simon Starling, Reid Shier, Sarah Stanners, Mark Cheetham, and Gregory Burke
5 February / After the Storm: AIDS and Cultural Activism with Richard Fung, Darien Taylor, Andrew J. Paterson, and John Greyson
7 January / Leave the Hall: Metal versus the Mainstream with Sam Dunn & Scot McFadyen, Susan Fast and Alan Cross.


1 November / Paradise Lost: Romanticism’s Return with GB Jones, Katherine Lochnan, John Potvin, and Max Allen
17 September / Idol Chatter: Cult Icons, Divas and Disaster in Contemporary Art with Keith Cole, Brian Joseph Davis, Shinan Govani, and Jason Anderson
16 August / Art, Affect & Brain Chemistry: Jim Drobnick, Jennifer Fisher and Adam K. Anderson
11 April / Militarization and Everyday Life with Anna Agathangelou, Kristan Horton, Zorica Vasic, and Blake Fitzpatrick
21 March / Contemporary Art in/out of the Middle East with Vicky Moufawad-Paul, bh Yael, Carol Zemel, and Lisa Steele
14 March / Landscapes: On Language in Contemporary Art with Robin Collyer, Laurel Woodcock, Paul de Guzman, and Jessica Wyman
3 February / Creative Cities: Hype or Hope? with Adrian Blackwell, Kanishka Goonewardena and Maria Lind
27 January / Making a Scene with Barbara Fischer, Luis Jacob and Jon Sasaki
25 January / The Utopian or Visionary in Three Dimensions with Marie-Paule MacDonald, Daniel Young and Christian Giroux


3 December: Über Cool at the Record Store with Carl Wilson, Jason Copplestone and others