Artist: The Power Plant

In 1997, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery asked these artists to shoot 10 Fuji QuickSnap Flash cameras. When the shooting was complete, The Power Plant developed single prints available in box sets. Each box is randomly numbered from 1 to 300.

Each box contains:

15 colour 4 x 6 inch photographs by one of the participating artists
The original camera used by the artists
A certificate of authenticity signed by the artist

Flash! boxes available by: Alan Belcher, Tom Dean, Robert Wiens, Mark Luyten, Andy Fabo & Michael Balser, Arlene Stamp, Nancy Spero, Susan Schelle, Magdalene Celestino, Panya Clarke Espinal, Claude-Philippe Benoit, Hannah Collins, Steve Reinke.

Product Information

  • Edition: 300