Arthur Stashak: Hollow

In From her wooden sleep…, an installation by Ydessa Hendeles, manikins from centuries past sit like a lifeless congregation in a gallery, lit dramatically, evoking a house of worship or other sacred space. Imagine if one manikin came to life.

This manikin signifies a survivor of the Holocaust, traumatized: separated from family, stripped of all worldly possessions, fed little or nothing, housed in severe barracks, worked beyond exhaustion… cheating death on a daily basis. Those who survived could finally grieve, seek solace with others, and strive to re-assimilate into society.

Award-winning dancer and choreographer Arthur Stashak wowed an audience at The Power Plant with his performance, License to Disturb, in the context of Summer 2016 exhibition Franz Erhardt Walter: Call to Action. He returns with new choreography inspired by Hendeles, and dedicated to the memory of those who were lost and the triumph of those who survived.

Stashak was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where at 6-years-old he began training in ballet. As a result of competing in the international ballet competition, Youth American Grand Prix, he was offered a spot to train at Canada's National Ballet School, where he stayed for 4 years. He continued his training in Hamburg, Germany, received his first professional contract with Teatr Wielki (Lodz, Poland), and currently dances with Dusseldorf's Ballet am Rhein.