Italy and East Africa: Unexplored Histories

To consider multiple perspectives about migrations, modernism, and Italian colonization in East Africa – the subject of Dawit L. Petros: Spazio Disponibile – in greater depth, The Power Plant presents a one-day symposium in partnership with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura.

Italy colonized Eritrea in 1890 and Ethiopia in 1935, controlling these geographies until the Second World War. The rest of the world took little notice of these land grabs, seeing the territory, its natural resources and its population as ripe with potential for economic exploitation. But how does this period in African and Italian history inform the current political climate, past and present migrations, and how have artists responded to its legacy?

This symposium will bring artist Dawit L. Petros, guest curator Irene Campolmi, and scholars together for an intellectual encounter.