Image: Winter 2011-12 Opening Party. Photo by OhhhJoeyPhotography.


Elementary, secondary and post-secondary school groups are encouraged to book a tour with one of our trained Gallery Attendants. The cost of a guided tour is $3 per student.

Tours can be paired with an optional hands-on art-making activity. These workshops can be modified to best suit your group’s age level and needs, and are tailored to each exhibition. Tours with an added activity last approximately 2 hours.These workshops must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance, and can only be booked Mondays through Fridays. The cost of a guided tour with a hands-on activity is $12 per student. Our Winter 2019, hands-on activity options are:

In this workshop, students will explore how Omar Ba cleverly combines colour, texture and pattern to depict the animals and plants in his paintings. Using simple shapes and lines, students draw animal portraits on black paper while learning how to depict textures like fur, feathers and scales. Once their drawings are complete, students will add a splash of colour to their work with pencil crayons and chalk pastels.

In our Featured Faces workshop, students will explore Alicia Henry’s interest in portraiture, expressions and identity. Students will learn how to combine line and shape to draw 2D self-portraits and then accessorize their 2D portraits with a variety of textured materials such as fabric, zippers and buttons.

Students will discover the hybrid, monstrous and fantastical creatures in Shuvinai Ashoona’s Mapping Worlds exhibition. Shuvinai’s inspiration for her drawings comes from the people, animals and landscape of her home in Kinngait, Nunavut. In this workshop, students will sculpt colourful clay monsters by combining elements of animals from their local landscapes and beyond!

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