Board of Directors

The Power Plant has a dynamic Board of Directors dedicated to supporting the institution's artistic mandate and instrumental in fulfilling its charitable goals. Each director of this Board is a recognized professional in their individual field, brought together by a vision and commitment to excellence through innovation and passion for contemporary art. The Power Plant thanks its directors for their unwavering support over the years and is proud to be associated with such leaders of our community.


Margaret McNee


John Matheson
Pamela Meredith


Gord Love


Catherine Barbaro


William J.S. Boyle, C.M.
Debra Campbell
John Clinton
Justine Deluce
Bernard Doucet
Sue Kidd
Jeremy Laing
Aaron Latner
David Lavin
Michael Liebrock
Liza Mauer
Anthony Novac
Eleanor Shen
Jeff Stober
Derek Sullivan

President's Council

Thomas H. Bjarnason
Lonti Ebers
James D. Fleck, O.C.
Victoria Jackman
Shanitha Kachan
Phil Lind
Nancy McCain
Evan Siddall
Jay Smith